Required Insurance

You need protection from the unexpected.

Insurance Requirements

After acceptance into an event, with the exception of Sierra Arts Festival, we require both a Certificate of Insurance with minimum General Liability coverage limits of $1,000,000 each occurrence / $2,000,000 aggregate and an Additional Insured naming Pacific Fine Arts Festivals, its agents, employees, sub-contractors and volunteers as Additional Insured.

Please don’t send an “insurance binder.” Wait for the actual Certificate of Insurance and Additional Insured Endorsement page to send to us. Submit the items with your name/business name by email or USPS to or PO Box 280, Pine Grove, CA 95665.

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Policy Resources for You

There are low-cost event or yearly policies available through (approx. $300 for the year) and ($49.00 fee per event / $99.00 for 90 days / yearly beginning at $275.00 depending on gross sales reported). Questions? Contact 844.520.6991 or                                                                  sell
Use Coupon Code: pfa10off  for $10 your policy when you purchase from ACT Insurance. 

Disclaimer: These companies have come recommended by artists with whom we work. We have not used them in order to speak to their products or services, nor are we compensated for recommending them.

Purchasing an annual policy via ACT Insurance

If you purchase through this link,, the policy will autofill our additional insured information. If you have already purchased a policy and need to add additional AI’s, you can add one via online portal or contact ACT’s support team. Additional Insureds through ACT are free and unlimited. Artists can attend as many events as they like and add any organizations to their policy. sell Use Coupon Code: pfa10off  for $10 your policy when you purchase from ACT.

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    RLI Corp

    From their website, “RLI writes business insurance for customers across the U.S., including small to large organizations requiring commercial property insurance and business liability insurance. Our underwriters are respected for their expertise and commitment to customer service.”

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    A Few Tips on obtaining insurance


    There is some convenience using We upload each event to their site so when you purchase your per-event or year policy, you can select the event/s in which you’ll participate and ACT Insurance will produce what we need.

    Otherwise, we have found that artists are having the most success when they can speak directly to their insurance agent and forward the information below and the linked document.

    1. A Certificate of Insurance that has minimum General Liability coverage limits of $1,000,000.00 each occurrence/$2,000,000.00 aggregate

    • The following language must be on the Certificate of Insurance in the “Description of Operations” box: “Pacific Fine Arts Festivals, its agents, employees, sub-contractors and volunteers are named Additional Insured pursuant to endorsement CG2026 0413 attached.”


    2. Pacific Fine Arts Festivals named as Additional Insured (form #CG2026)

    • The Additional Insured Endorsement page must be included with the Certificate of Liability Insurance.
    • The following language must be on the Endorsement page: “Pacific Fine Arts Festivals”
    • Information you may need for the Additional Insured process: Pacific Fine Arts Festivals  PO Box 280, Pine Grove, CA 95665.


    For your convenience, we have provided a downloadable PDF document containing examples of these two forms with indications next to the necessary boxes to be filled.

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