Fire Safety

Fire extinguishers are mandatory most shows

Event application status notification letters will identify which events require extinguishers.

Where they are required, participants must have a 2A:10BC rated fire extinguisher in their booth. Fire Departments are very particular in requiring that if the extinguisher is recently purchased, it must be stamped with the CURRENT year on the body (check the label or the bottom of the unit--not the date on your receipt) AND the indicator must be all the way to the top of the green. If you’ve an older unit then it must have been serviced within the last 12 months with a current Inspection tag attached and the indicator must be all the way to the top of the green.

We know, this all may seem unnecessary but we assure you that it is a big deal to the Fire Marshal. Events can be negatively affected if participants do not bring their extinguishers meeting these regulations.


Obtaining a proper fire extinguisher

  • For an older unit’s service to obtain a current Inspection tag, find a service company in your area 

    Use your search engine and type your county followed by “fire extinguisher service.”
  • Many hardware or big box home improvement stores, including Costco, carry fire extinguishers.

    Before purchasing, open the box to be sure the current year’s date is stamped on the label or bottom of the extinguisher. Larger units, 3A:40BC rated for example, are fine substitutes.
  • Review Fire extinguisher recall information

open_in_new recall Info