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Sierra Arts Festival
Sierra Arts Festival

Event Description

Fine Arts & Fine Crafts, June 25 & 26, 2022  Wingfield Park, Reno, NV

Sierra Arts Foundation, Nevada’s premier arts organization and resource center, relaunches the Sierra Arts Festival as a weekend showcase for fine artists and fine crafters. Artist spaces will be under the trees of Wingfield Park’s western lawns with the Truckee River nearby. Entertainers, wine and beer, food vendors and activities for the kids compliment the festival making this a destination event. Advertising will target fine art buyers who live in or visit the area as well as affluent areas of Lake Tahoe and the greater Reno area.    Event hours 10:00am – 5:00pm

Dates to Remember

March 1  Applications postmarked
March 28  Selection results sent to artists
April 4  Space fees deposited
May 30  Requested postcard quantity mailed to artists
June 13  Artist instruction letter sent

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Through April 3  Space fee refunds are given
April 4 – May 15  PFAF credit slip minus $50.00 per cancelled space
May 16 – Show   Space fee forfeited

Pacific Fine Arts Festivals’ credit slip may be used towards any future space fee.

Rules & Regulations

General Rules

  • CONDUCT/DISPLAY APPEARANCE Arrive on time, promptly remove vehicle to the designated parking areas as stated in event’s Instruction Letter, booth open and ready each morning by stated time, never break down or retrieve vehicles for loading before the stated time and complete all show days scheduled. No non-service pets allowed. No children under 7, music that interferes with neighbors, open flames or generators, alcohol, drugs or smoking allowed in or around booth. Clothing should be tasteful. Your display area should be neat, free of storage boxes or clutter, with tablecloths floor length on all sides. No displaying of “SALE” or “DISCOUNTED” type signage. Offensive/abusive behavior is not tolerated. An ignored request by staff to refrain may result in expulsion from the event. This is a professional environment—please strive to always reflect that in booth appearance and personal behavior.
  • WEATHER Be at the fair or festival no matter what weather is predicted. In case of rain, follow directions given by our representative on the spot. Arrive at the event prepared with heavy, see-through plastic and clamps to cover your work in case of rain, and at set-up always install at least 40 pounds of weight on each tent leg and display piece or, in the case of sidewalk events, throughout your display in case of wind (heavily weight all umbrellas, too).
  • PRODUCTS FOR SALE Pacific Fine Arts Festivals and/or designated agents reserve the right to restrict/remove products offered for sale based on quality and integrity as decided by Pacific Fine Arts Festivals.
  • THEFT Although rare, theft does sometimes occur. Pacific Fine Arts Festivals, the Host of the Event, or the City in which the event is held cannot be held liable by exhibitors for any theft that may occur at the event.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA Participate in event marketing and directly target YOUR customers. For each event we create posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter that are easily customizable and shareable. We encourage you to take advantage of this OR if you create your own content promoting an event you’ll be doing with us be sure to tag us too, #PacificFineArts and @PacificFineArts. LIKE and FOLLOW us to get the latest news!
  • ATTITUDE Our goal is to run a show that is fun as well as profitable for us all. As important as the search for art talent is we do not lose sight of the need for artists who are cooperative and easy for us and other participants to work with. No amount of talent or ability to sell will compensate for this.
  • REFERRAL PROGRAM We’re always interested in bringing new, quality products to our events. Share our information with your quality artisan friends and you both will receive a $50.00 credit upon participation in the same year! Download the Referral Certificate from our website,, or contact us to request one, or 209-267-4394. Submit the certificate with your individual applications and after you both participate in any event in the same year, we will send each a $50.00 credit slip good towards any future space fee. Word-of-mouth referrals are golden and we appreciate your sharing your enthusiasm for our events!
  • FOR COMMISSION EVENTS A 10% commission on gross, pre-tax sales is paid on all work sold as a direct result of this opportunity for public exposure including sales finalized subsequent to each fair or festival. Commissions are due postmarked to the office (PO Box 280, Pine Grove, CA 95665) by the Wednesday immediately following the event and any subsequent sales commissions, as soon as possible. We also accept PayPal or Venmo. Select “Send Money to a Friend,” use our email address,, and please use your checking/savings account rather than credit or debit card so that we aren’t accessed a fee.
  • FIRE EXTINGUISHERS Each participant must have a 2A:10BC rated fire extinguisher in his/her booth. Fire Departments are very particular in requiring that if the extinguisher is NEW it must be stamped with the CURRENT year on the label or on the bottom of the unit AND the indicator must be all the way to the top of the green. If you’ve an older unit then it must have been serviced within the last 12 months and have a current State Fire Marshall tag attached and the indicator must be all the way to the top of the green. We know, this all may seem unnecessary, but we assure you that it is a big deal to the Fire Marshall and the events can be negatively affected if participants do not bring their extinguishers meeting these regulations.
  • APPLICATION PHOTOS/EVENT VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY Event applicants/participants agree to allow the images included with their application or video/photographs taken at event/s to be used for publicity and advertising.
  • ARTIST SPACE CANCELLATIONS If you notify us of your cancellation up to the Sunday six weeks prior to the start date of the show we will send you a PFAF Credit for that event minus a $50.00 handling fee per cancelled space. The PFAF Credit may be used towards any future Pacific Fine Arts Festival entry fee. If the cancellation comes after that date, your show fee is forfeited. For “No Show” negligence, your show fee is forfeited and you may be removed from future events and our mailing list.
  • CANCELLATION OF FAIR OR FESTIVAL If weather, major disaster, pandemic, or other circumstances beyond the control of the Host of the Event, the City in which the event is held or Pacific Fine Arts Festivals cause the cancellation of the fair or festival, participation fees will not be returned. The Host of the Event, the City or Pacific Fine Arts Festivals cannot be held liable by exhibitors for the failure of the event to take place.

Event Eligibility Rules

The Sierra Arts Festival event is ONLY open to creators of handcrafted fine arts and fine crafts, small batch products made in the USA by the artisan selling their works. With pre-arranged permission, a representative may sell at events. Creativity and originality are important. Do not apply if your products are buy and sell, imported or from kits. No application including toys as weapons will be considered. Depictions of weapons and certain types of nudity or printed words are carefully considered. We appreciate artists’ freedom of expression; as these are family events, we are held responsible to each hosting entity and community to present what they consider to be family friendly. No booth sharing will be considered outside of a married/significant-other partnership.

Booth Info

Spaces are on uneven grass, bring shims. 80 spaces.

Space sizes and fees
5×10 space: $185.00 + 10% commission
5×20 space: $225.00 + 10% commission
10×10 space: $225.00 + 10% commission
10×20 space: $450.00 + 10% commission

Saturday morning set-up begins at 6AM and is staggered. Expect to unload and move to artist parking prior to setting up.
Spaces are on uneven grass, bring shims. Cart over cement paths and grass for a short distance to space, bring carts.

Saturday overnight security provided

Overnight Parking
Low cost overnight parking.

Discounted hotel rates.

Licenses, Permits, & Taxes

Reno Business Tax License To participate in the event each artist must have a Reno Business Tax License.

  • If you have one, include the number on the application.
  • If you do not have one, one will be arranged for you. With your application include a separate $20.00 check made out to “Sierra Arts”.

Nevada Sales Tax Certificate

  • Those holding a certificate, include a copy with the application.
  • Those without will be given a One-Time-Sales-Tax form at the event to return to PFAF with payment Sunday night.

Participation Agreement

This agreement is entered into by and between Pacific Fine Arts Festivals (Producer), the Host of the Event (Client), the City in which the event is held (City) and the exhibitor, artist or craftsperson filling out, signing, and returning the application (Artist).

  • The Artist hereby indemnifies and holds the Producer, its agents, employees, sub-contractors and volunteers, the Client, its agents, employees, sub-contractors and volunteers, the City, its agents, employees, sub-contractors and volunteers harmless from any and all claims, including costs and attorney’s fees resulting there from, arising out of said Artist’s participation in any and all events which have been organized by or through Producer, Client, or City. For the purposes of this agreement, the term “participation” shall include, but not be limited to, the delivery and safety/security of equipment, merchandise, structures and arts or crafts to their designated location, the set up and display of any such structure and art or crafts, and the dismantling and removal of all such items from the area provided by or through the Producer or its agents, employees, sub-contractors and volunteers, the Client or its agents, employees, sub-contractors and volunteers or the City or its agents, employees, sub-contractors and volunteers.
  • The Artist hereby expressly assumes any risk of harm or theft to the Artist, works of art or craft, guests or guests’ property arising out of their participation and the participation of other artists or agents in any given fair or festival organized by Producer, Client, or City including any risk resulting from the particular location of the space designated for them by the Producer. The Artist agrees to hold harmless the Producer, Client, City from any and all liability for damages to persons and damages or theft of property from any source. If weather, other acts of Nature, pandemic or other reasons beyond the control of the City, Client or Pacific Fine Arts Festivals causes the event’s cancellation, Artist application and/or space fees will not be returned and neither the City, Client nor Pacific Fine Arts Festivals will be held liable to Artists for failure of the event to take place.
  • This agreement shall be effective immediately upon execution and shall continue in effect for each and every fair or festival that the Artist participates in that is organized by Producer during the current year.

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