Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

By Visitors

How do I go about displaying my work at a Pacific Fine Arts Festival?

First you need a California Seller’s Permit before you can sell your work in California. This can be obtained from the State Board of Equalization – Phone: 800/400-7115 or  CLICK HERE to find the application on their website. You will be asked for the street address for Pacific Fine Arts Festivals:  20116 Hwy 88  Pine Grove, CA 95665.

Next, you need a body of work and a way to display it. Once you have these items CLICK HERE to read about and access our event applications. They may be downloaded to complete by hand or opened to be completed through Adobe Acrobat. Return it to us with the completed check list by email or USPS. The quality of the images you send is very important as they will be the manner in which your work is juried.

Do the exhibitors make their living doing this or is it just a hobby?

Most of our festival participants work at their art or craft full-time and do make their living that way.

These festivals always cause such a parking problem because the exhibitors vehicles take up all of the parking spaces. Why don't they park somewhere else?

All participants in PFAF events are required to park their vehicles well off-site in designated parking areas once they have unloaded their displays and work. PFAF enforces these parking requirements so that parking spaces and lots adjacent to the festival are left available for visitors.

I saw an artist at one of your shows last year and want to buy something from her but didn't get a card and don't remember her name. Is there any way I can find out who she is and when she will be participating in a festival in my area?

If you can describe an artist’s work, the artist him/herself, at what festival you saw the work, and even where at the festival the artist’s booth was located, PFAF can probably provide you with a name and at what PFAF festival in your area that artist will be appearing next. Address your queries to, 209/267-4394 or come to the Information Booth next time you are at a PFAF event.

This show is really great. Why don't you do this here every weekend?

Most of the artists you see at a festival are showing their work every weekend, just in different places. This gives them exposure to a much larger audience than they would get if they only displayed their work in one location.

By Artists

I participated in one or more PFAF events last year/in the past, do I need to complete an application this year and send in the check list items?

Yes, each year we do need to receive the applications for each event in which you’d like to participate as well as the complete set of items requested listed on the check list. We do not have the storage space to keep photographs and artist statements, for example, in the office and odds are good that you will have new designs to submit each year. If with your application you have included a SASE with adequate postage for the return of your collateral materials, we will return those by mail at the latest 4 weeks after the last event in which you participate.

I'm signed up for a show in April. What happens if it rains?

Every professional artist is expected to handle rain and wind. We recommend clear, heavy duty plastic with clamps to hold it to your display. For wind, every display should be set up in a manner to ensure stability, and be well weighted regardless of weather/wind predictions. You are liable for any damaged or injury caused by your display if it blows over. If a show is canceled or cut short because of weather, you will be notified on the spot. PFAF has never canceled an event based on a weather prediction.

Can I request a specific location at a show?

We always try to honor location requests. However, it is ultimately our decision based on many factors. If you base your participation in an event solely on getting the display space you want, your entry fee will be returned as that attitude robs the promoter of the flexibility necessary to set up a show.

I am on your mailing list and I make cloth dolls. What shows on your schedule can I do?

PFAF creates separate schedules/applications each fall. One set is for fine artists and one is for craftspeople. Any event on the crafter application, in this case, or our “6-show” application, also, is open for your application. Deadlines are listed on each application as well as the date to expect status notifications to be sent.

Why is PFAF so strict about when exhibitors have to move their vehicles from the street and where they park?

Parking is a major problem at most locations where PFAF events are held. The merchants are guaranteed that vehicles will be moved at a given time and to designated areas that will not interfere with their customers’ parking. PFAF monitors this aspect of an event very closely and those persons who do not cooperate risk their participation in future PFAF events.

PFAF charges a 10% commission at most shows. Why not just charge a flat fee?

As the promoters, we feel that this policy makes us truly part of the team. We work hard to insure that you have a good show so we, too, have a good show. Very good artists are often prevented from participating in festivals because of high entry fees. The lower entry fee/10% commission combination ensures that an artist can exhibit without worrying about covering a high initial overhead.

As a follow-up question, how does PFAF know that participants pay the full 10%?

PFAF believes in the honor system. By treating festival participants honestly and fairly, the same is expected in return. If PFAF is made aware that someone is cheating, the offender will be removed from the mailing list. In the Arts and Crafts Festival Community word of an artist’s reputation for cheating or unreliability can spread quickly.

I am a new PFAF artist and signed up for several Festivals this year. How will I know when and where to check in at the show and where my space will be?

Prior to any show for which you are signed up, you will receive in the mail or by email a packet of information detailing everything you need to know about that particular show. In some locations, space numbers and space locations will be given to you on the first morning when you check in. It is very important that you read this information thoroughly and bring it with you to the show.

I participated in a PFAF event recently and feel that the space I was assigned was in a bad location which did not get the traffic that other locations at the show had. Why was I given a bad space?

It sometimes happens that certain areas of a show do experience less traffic than others. This can be as a result of a number of factors, especially at a new event or an event with a new layout. With a new show or new layout at an existing show, care is taken to insure the maximum exposure for everyone with the realization that once the show is underway, traffic patterns may not develop as predicted. Notes are taken in these instances which are used to modify layouts at that event in the future. PFAF veterans understand that at any show, new or old, with any promoter or organization, there are variables that are unpredictable and not within anyone’s control.

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