CA Strawberry Festival Set-Up on Grass

Set-up on grass specifics…

The City has finally agreed to allow our Arts & Crafts onto the grass soccer fields!  This area is artist/customer parking and Green Gate adjacent (2nd highest trafficked Festival entrance and proximate to stages and food court). We are excited by the prospects of this layout change as it places Arts & Crafts within the main part of the Festival and onto the more comfortable and inviting grass. Along with these benefits we have responsibilities to maintain the fields as best as possible in order to retain permission to show in this location. The responsibilities come in the form of restrictions regarding set-up and display:

  • Only dollies or wagons with SOFT wheels may be used as carts to load/unload on the grass.
  • No motorized vehicles are allowed on the grass.
  • No stakes may be used. Plan to place 40 pound weights on each tent leg.
  • All weight bearing display panels, tables, racks, cases, etc. and/or tent legs must be set on a weight distribution system such as a 6″x6″ piece of carpet or wood under each point of contact with the grass to eliminate damage.

We are working on securing student volunteers for set-up and tear-down assistance. If we’re successful, they will be available on Friday for set-up only after 4pm but should be available on Sunday evening during full tear-down.