Mountain View A la Carte & Art

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Date & Time of Show

May 5 & 6, 2018
10am to 6pm

Address of show

Downtown Mountain View/Castro Street

Host’s site

Official event website: Click Here

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Baseball season is underway but it’s not the not only beloved American pastime springing into action. The San Francisco Bay Area’s hugely popular outdoor festival season officially kicks-off in Mountain View where cool, vibrant Castro Street morphs into a moveable feast of people and colorful tents for the 22nd annual A la Carte & Art. Throngs of visitors are expected to gather in Silicon Valley’s epicenter for this beloved springtime festival of the arts with two days of world-class fun in the sun.

Presented by the Mountain View Central Business Association, the popular open-air festival will feature two days of stellar live music, a fine arts and crafts show with 200 of the west coast’s top artists showing their latest handcrafted wares, fabulous food and drink with fine wine and craft beer, a farmers’ market with fresh seasonal produce, artisan specialty food purveyors, health and wellness displays, an organic and green products showcase, home and garden exhibits, A La Car & Art – the big classic car show sponsored by Hot San Jose Nights, plus awesome, action-packed amusements for kids in the Super Duper Funzone. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days. Admission is free.

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DBA Name Space Website
C-Lite Candles And Designs Leslie Webb 523 .
Klapnklip Soy Candles Carlo Guadagno 471
Scented Designs By Kate Kate (Thomas) De Palma 113


DBA Name Space Website
Will Sandford 438 .
Catherine Reece Catherine Reece 234
Cisco Collection Shizuko/Toshi Shichishima 248
Hang Ups Unlimited Eleanor/Terry Gerometta/Kain 510/512 .
Jl Vision Bella/James Lassak 514/516
John Manley Pottery John Manley 500/502
Ken Foster Ceramics Ken Foster 229/231
Maraku Pottery Terry Mar 450
Paz Clay And Fiber Pamela Zimmerman 515
Reeve Handpainted Tile Cecily Reeve 316
Stonefish Pottery Jimee/Jeff Taylor 259 .
Vessel Elegance Richard Rosas 332/334 .
Wild Earth Sculpture Lorinda Bechtel 356


DBA Name Space Website
Clever Clocks Douglas/Eva Chalk/Letts 302
Tofufu Wayne/Maibelle Ho/Lin 529


DBA Name Space Website
Ratcliff Drawings Stuart Ratcliff 221

Fiber Decorative

DBA Name Space Website
Fierce Fairies Jenny/Sally Sadler/Redfield 117
Rainbow Streamers Karen Schmidt 400/402 .

Fiber Functional

DBA Name Space Website
Hawaiian Sun Chairs Char/John Botello 121
Holiday Kathy/Tony Ma/Zhao 527 .
Paper Paw + Stuff Margaret Truong 537

Fiber Wearable

DBA Name Space Website
24-7 Daddyhood Josh Beatty 444
3 Potato Guo Feng 338
A High Standard Of Dyeing Jonathan Kates 432/434
Alpaca By Karim Karim Lopez 408/410
Ami Sol Connie Ozdil 111
Any Texture Zwia Lipkin 102
Ayala Originals Cindy Ayala 308
Be One-Nikonina Toshi/Yoshiko Kume 353 FLICKR.COM/PHOTOS/NIKONINA
Colada Co Veronica/Orestes Villaclara 447/449
Dress To Kill Jane Mohr 411
Hand Painted Designs By Lorna Lorna Ritter 315/317
Harmony Tie-Dye Brian/Heather Gleser 204/206
Hummingbird Hiroshi Morimoto 403 .
Inky Binky Bonky Dee Dee Samos 346
Jennifer Shors Silk Jennifer Shors 253 .
Josefina Fine Knits Eva Gorman 110
Kg Threads Kateryna Golovanova 250
Kitchen Witch Design Lisa Adasiewicz 533
Larenda Designs Larry/Brenda Brown 425/427
Mountain Maid Tie Dye Chris Buchman 339/341 . Pam Lynch 517
Organic Attire Janae/Gary Stephens 473
Pala Pala Inc Barbara/Frank Hall 329
Patty & Company Patty Herrera 222
Poppyhearts Lydia Choi 513
Rubina Designs Rubina Coton 217/219
Uniquefitz William Fitzpatrick 521
Via Ripatti Designs Steve/Linda Ripatti 233
Wearable Art Clothing Veronica Welch 458
Yeah Yeah! Pony Prince Jodi/Oscar Mullen/Bevilacqua 214


DBA Name Space Website
Desert Mandala Kim/Kristin Scheidt 101
Samo's Bonsai And Gifts Yu Tseng 456 .


DBA Name Space Website
California Balsamic Thomas Allen 212
Gourmet Temptations John/Earle Gibson 501
Limited Chocolate Llc Herbert Czymontek 443
Nature's Candy Company Sean Nash 304
Not Yer Momma's Granola Susie/Whitney Falbo/Mcevoy 223
Shampa's Pies Haruwn Wesley 503
Skylake Ranch Gail/Mike Brown 312
The Honey Ladies, Inc. Wendy Towner 445


DBA Name Space Website
Dickinson Glass Michael Dickinson 340
Evelyn's Glass Designs Evelyn Beeston 213 .
Gila Sagy-Fused Glass Art Gila Sagy 254/256
Josh Fradis Art Glass Josh Fradis 235/237
Novus Antiquae Johan Kahlstrom 464
Other Worlds Keith Neissel 106


DBA Name Space Website
3 Fish Hwei Hwei Brown 518/520 .
Bareket Design Rami Bareket 216
Be Heart Now Amy Wolfe 331
Bluce Designs Brianna Luce 306
Celeste Watch Company Celeste Wong 448
Claret Wood Designs / Sonoma Leather Michael/Nancy Bihler 465/467
Claudia A Designs Claudia Abderhalden 330
Comstock Art Glass Geri Comstock 205/207
Egan's Rainfire Custom Jewelry Dori/Mike Egan/Durkin 244 .
Emilo Sotelo Jewelry Emilio Sotelo 112
Francine Fiesel Francine Fiesel 224
Hang In There Elfried/Thomas Somberg/Harp 455
Harper Designs Susie Harper 202
Hesters Jewelry Hester Van Diggelen 343
It's About Time…Mostly Sarah Koester 506/508 .
J. Dubson-Design Odyssey Jerry/Joan Dubson 301 .
J. Marie Jewelry Llc. Dustin Williams 415/417
Jeannie Haydon Creative Jewelry Jeannie Haydon 323
John O. Fused Glass John Osterhaug 426 .
Judy Brandon Jewelry Judy Brandon 247
Junestones June Lantz 436
Mark Poulin Mark Poulin 215
Melody Lai Melody Lai 239
Moon & Leaf Kristin Satzman 104
Moonshadows Gary Chappell 333 .
New Traditions Susan/John Moon/Bobbitt 429
Once Upon A Toe Lisa Moreno 401
Pearls Of Whimsy Roxanna Keyani 441
Ramos Designs Barbara Ramos 349/351 .
Refunct Jewelry Nanette/Delia Jordan/Keller 115
Sasha Samuels Sasha Samuels(Jewelry) 251
Sean's Celtic Creations Sean Berton 469
Silver & Stones Kathryn Jones 352/354
Simply Elegant Gemstones Michael/Elaine Tugendman 525
Space Reflection Art Llc Bo Li 509
Stapleton-Mc Erlane Designs Ellen/Dan Mcerlane/Abeyta 318
Tahoe Fire Glass Molly/Mike Bennett 232
Wearable Phantasy Elizabeth Hall 418
White Rhino Silver John Shipp 470/472


DBA Name Space Website
Starburst Glass Peter Eller 345/347

Kid’s Accessories

DBA Name Space Website
Daisies Susan/Ted Kienitz 412/414
Sherri Bows Sherri Heller 320


DBA Name Space Website
Bottega Flaviani Angela Flaviani 119
Cartera Galit Perez 348
Dawn Mountain Leatherart Susan Mountain 326
Grape Craft Leather Richard Lafrenz 303 .
Head 'N Home Gary/Ronia Watrous/Grillos 460/462
North California Leather Michael Barney 430 .
Wooly Rascals Chris/Charlotte Gurdal 225/227


DBA Name Space Website
Club Presley O'day Presley 409
Dustin Logan Metalworks Dustin Logan 336
Jessi Brooks Jessi Brooks 424 .
Metalphoria Kristen Hoard 325
Sun Lovers Place Hector Perez Velazquez 522/524
Wire Roots Jason Oliver 519


DBA Name Space Website
Butterfly Gallery Steven Albaranes** 307
Cutting Edge Designs Dean Shapiro 416
Rob's Cutting Boards Rob/Shellie Sullivan/Costa 505 .
Stone Soup Designs Richard Mccall 249
Whimsy Worx Bobbie/Frank Luiz 319/321

Mixed Media

DBA Name Space Website
3d Artistic Designs Michael Suchta 300 .
7th Mountain Design Jack Durnford 201/203 David Schwartz 466/468
Betty Krause Art Betty Franks 328
Bt Arts, Inc Ben Teeter 457
David Southern Fine Art David Southern 421/423
Eileen P. Goldenberg Art Eileen Goldenberg 310
Fine Art By Don Don Antram 236/238
J Bates Art-Wildlife Art & Illustration Jennifer Bates 531
Michelle's Art Design Ming-Chu Oye 451 .
N&N Designs Llc Nicholas Vicknair 420/422
Steamy Tech Lora/Greg Price 103
Time Craft Designs Lance Mackenzie 337


DBA Name Space Website
Mosaics By Cindy Cindy Landis 452/454


DBA Name Space Website
Lenore Masterson 428 .
Alain Art Paintings Alain Fastre 413
Amor Artis Gallery Kathryn Morin 453
Art And Surf Spencer/Stacey Reynolds 459
Buchanart Peter/Marsi Buchan/Ramirez 230
Hydrangea Studio Karen Legault 431
Iris Wise Art Iris Wise 360
Marietta Cohen Art And Design Marietta Cohen 504
Mishell Swartwout Mishell Swartwout 322
Original Oils By Kathleen M Robison Kathleen Robison 305
Patrick Gallery Patrick Dennis 242
Tim Wistrom-Artist Tim/Nancy Wistrom 344

Personal Care

DBA Name Space Website
Elka Herbals Erica Kriss 241/243
Essence Of O Conny & Dennis Olarte 218/220
Fransen Botanicals Kelsey Fransen 535
Jocelyn's Specialty Soaps Jocelyn Hastings 105 .
Wonder Oil Emu Oil Products Elizabeth Moores 419


DBA Name Space Website
Aston Myer Photography Tim/Dori Aston/Myer 511
Bussert Images Sharon/Jessica Bussert 357
Butterfly Gallery Photography Steven Albaranes** 309 .
Dennis Kohn Studios Dennis Kohn 362/364
Dirk Yuricich Photography Dirk Yuricich 405/407
Experience Wildlife Jennifer Leigh Warner 435
Frederico Domondon Frederico Domondon 116/118
Heemstra Photography Locke Heemstra 342
Light Chasers, Inc. Louis Cantillo 461/463
Live For Blu Photography Cameron Howard 446
Mountain Mike Photography Mike Loomis 108
Pam Wood Photography & Art Pamela Wood 208/210


DBA Name Space Website
Geoffrey Nelson Art Geoffrey Nelson 358
Glashoff Sculpture Ranch Phillip/Chad Glashoff 437/439
Mackenzie Studio Michele Mackenzie 335
Sten Hoiland Wire Sculpture Sten Hoiland 314


DBA Name Space Website
Buttons Up Linda Farrell 120
Dancing Wings Aka Songbird Ocarinas Darren/Durian Steinberg/Songbird 539
Learn And Play Arlyne/Richard Julao 246
Peter Dziulak Blocksmith Peter Dziulak 311/313
Supercapes Carrie/John Delucia 507
The Bubble Maker/Shockey Designs Diana/Ray Shockey 100
The Woodsman Doug Gold 245


DBA Name Space Website
Ardeth Sealy Ardeth Sealy 433 .
Branching Out Wood David Wertheimer 240
Hudson River Inlay Jeffrey Nelson 252
Lebenzon Paintbrushes Tracy Lebenzon 200
Michael Frazier Designs Mike Frazier 440/442
Mission City Pens Brian Lane 226/228
Moonlight Shenanigans The Spoonmaker David Rully 350
Pens By Bryce Bryce Prusse 355
Shorebreak Designs Lee Hinge 114
Spring Garden Cedar Steven Andersen 255/257
Takota Nancy Templeton 404/406
Wood Turning Obsession Jeff Davison 209/211