Menlo Summerfest

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Menlo Summerfest celebrates the best of summer in style with fine art and crafts by 200 of America’s best artists, sensational live music on stage and street throughout downtown, artisan specialty food purveyors, festive food and drink with premium wine, microbrews and special Summertime cocktails, and captivating amusements, fun and games in the action-packed kids’ fun zone. Admission to event is free. This community celebration is in it 32nd year and presented by the Menlo Park Chamber of Commerce.

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2017 CLICK HERE for PDF version–to be updated as becomes available

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DBA Name Space Website
Scented Designs By Kate Kate (Thomas) De Palma 105


DBA Name Space Website
An Urban(E) Potter Rose Lee 120
Ancient Hands Tile Steve Baranowski 108
Catherine Reece Catherine Reece 216
John Manley Pottery John Manley 304/306
Jon Price Jon Price 912/914
Mccracken Ceramics Kurt Mccracken 222
Natural Fire Chris Efstratis 700/702
Pence Animal Sculptures Sherri Rawson 816
Ross Spangler Ross Spangler 424
Stonefish Pottery Jimee/Jeff Taylor 505 .


DBA Name Space Website
John A. Conroy/ Coool Cats John Conroy 426/428

Fiber Decorative

DBA Name Space Website
Fierce Fairies Jenny/Sally Sadler/Redfield 117
Yan's Design Yan Inlow 803
Zen Modern Design Deanna De Chauron 829/831 .

Fiber Functional

DBA Name Space Website
Curmudgeon Cards Elisa Goodman 129
Holiday Kathy/Tony Ma/Zhao 109 .
Paper Paw + Stuff Margaret Truong 106

Fiber Wearable

DBA Name Space Website
Creative Endeavors Julie Anna Smith 406
Dovetail37 Lorraine Clemmons 940
Dress To Kill Jane Mohr 807
Inky Binky Bonky Dee Dee Samos 817
Jax Hatz Jacqueline Ryan 206
Jennifer Shors Silk Jennifer Shors 307 .
L. O'neill Design Lori O'neill 503
Modern Shibori Jenny Fong 131
Nancy Wilder Silk & Felt Wearable Art Nancy Wilder 705
One Of A Kind Tie-Dyed Clothing Karen Ferguson 823/825
Organic Attire Janae/Gary Stephens 101
Paint Misbehavin' Suzi Thomas 432/434
Pala Pala Inc Barbara/Frank Hall 119
Poppyhearts Lydia Choi 127
Rubina Designs Rubina Coton 427/429
Via Ripatti Designs Steve/Linda Ripatti 906
Yeahyeah!Ponyprince Jodi/Oscar Mullen/Bevilacqua 919


DBA Name Space Website
California Balsamic Thomas Allen 121
Gourmet Temptations John/Earle Gibson 118
Nan's Gourmet Foods/Pastamore Brad Roth 923
Nature's Candy Company Sean Nash 116
Not Yer Momma's Granola Susie/Whitney Falbo/Mcevoy 425
R & J Toffees Joel Sakakihara 815
Shampa's Pies Haruwn Wesley 123
Skylake Ranch Gail/Mike Brown 215


DBA Name Space Website
Ballis Glass Cory Ballis 124 .
Dickinson Glass Michael Dickinson 132
Erickson Arts Gigi Erickson 500/502
Gila Sagy-Fused Glass Art Gila Sagy 704/706
Glassstudiovia Sylvia Chesson 917
H. Kremen Glass Heather Kremen 812
Van Noppen Glass David Van Noppen 312/314
Zajda Glass Studio Peter/Nancy Zajda 400/402


DBA Name Space Website
Allmylight Llc Nina/Igor Tsaregorodtseva/Tryndin 103
Bareket Design Rami Bareket 212
Be Heart Now Amy Wolfe 415
Cindy Bolin Cindy Bolin 813
Claudia A Designs Claudia Abderhalden 220
Colleen Toland Colleen Toland 122
Comstock Art Glass Geri Comstock 624/626
Francine Fiesel Francine Fiesel 827
Fun Girls Jewelry Gayle Mayhew 414
Hang In There Elfried/Thomas Somberg/Harp 814
Hannie Goldgewicht & Leo Gotlibowski Hannie/Leo Goldgewicht/Gotlibowski 828
Harper Designs Susie Harper 430
Hesters Jewelry Hester Van Diggelen 213
J. Dubson-Design Odyssey Jerry/Joan Dubson 900 .
Jayne Thomas Designs Jayne Thomas 404
Jewelry For The Soul Janet Wight 205
Kelly Morgen Jewelry Kelly Morgen 915
Krista Sheldon Krista Sheldon Jewelry 910
Leah Staley Designs Leah Staley 932
Ling-Yen Designs Ling-Yen Jones 204
Lynn Guenther Lynn Guenther 802
Mountain & Robbins Judie/Wayne Mountain/Robbins 221
Paper Sweetly Nikitha Yelchuru 114
Pearls Of Whimsy Roxanna Keyani 102
Ramos Designs Barbara Ramos 613/615 .
Sasha Samuels Sasha Samuels(Jewelry) 805
Soni Bergman Designs Soni Bergman 927
Upswings Jewelry Plonneke/Janis Thoolen 134
Vis A Vis Jewelry Virginie Blakey 604
Willajewelry Willa 614
Wood Images Neil/Vivian Blanck 946


DBA Name Space Website
Starburst Glass Peter Eller 609/611

Kid’s Accessories

DBA Name Space Website
Daisies Susan/Ted Kienitz 421/423


DBA Name Space Website
Dawn Mountain Leatherart Susan Mountain 908
Grape Craft Leather Richard Lafrenz 934 .
Kamel Paul Wagner 211
Rusalka Designs Jessica Conti 818
Voyager Young Mo Hong 107


DBA Name Space Website
Gregory I Clark Greg Clark 620/622 .
Wire Roots Jason Oliver 925


DBA Name Space Website
Earthstones Kathleen/John Anderson 501
Stone Soup Designs Richard Mccall 820
Whimsy Worx Bobbie/Frank Luiz 303/305

Mixed Media

DBA Name Space Website
3d Artistic Designs Michael Suchta 219 .
7th Mountain Design Jack Durnford 420/422
Betty Krause Art Betty Franks 810
Casey Design Studio Michael Casey 916/918
Eileen P. Goldenberg Art Eileen Goldenberg 302
Eriknelsonstudio Erik Nelson 223
Fortune's Gallery Fortune Sitole 218
Harut's Studio Harut Hakobyan 136
Jonah Ward Jonah Ward 110
Karen Hale Mixed Media Paintings Karen Hale 440-444
Linda Unlimited Linda Mcinnis 214
Sicerra Art Dani Arrecis 408


DBA Name Space Website
Paihia Mosaics Julia/Paul Embry/Blaker 822


DBA Name Space Website
Anil Sawe Anil/Charlene Sawe 112
Butterfly Studio Lisa Marie Kindley 126
Crystal Canyon Art Nancy Eckels 308/310
Fine Art By Aref Sadegh Aref 610/612
Gallery Leu Inc. Michael Leu 936/938
Heartworks Studio, Inc. Debbie Marie Arambula 824/826
Iris Wise Art Iris Wise 930
Jane Welles Fine Art Jane Welles 601/603
Jot Art Studio John O Thomson 411/413
Juicy Abstracts By Sonia Calderon Sonia Calderon 412
Marlatt Studios Tom Marlatt 911/913
Marta Collings Watercolors Marta Collings 209
Paula Riley, Artist Paula Riley 800
Pomm's Studio Pomm Hepner 929
Schad Studio Katherine Schad 207

Personal Care

DBA Name Space Website
Essence Of O Conny & Dennis Olarte 821
Minibee Tanja King 125
Wonder Oil Emu Oil Products Elizabeth Moores 419


DBA Name Space Website
Barbara Lee Photography Barbara Lee 942/944
Dennis Kohn Studios Dennis Kohn 606/608
Dirk Yuricich Photography Dirk Yuricich 436/438
Experience Wildlife Jennifer Leigh Warner 115
Fred Mertz Photography Fred Mertz 809/811
Georganna Dean Photography Georganna Dean 804/806
Heemstra Photography Locke Heemstra 921
John Gavrilis Photography John Gavrilis 201/203
Liangs Photography Keith Liang 605/607
May Photography May Levy 928
Summit Side Photo & Video Leah/Sky Emerson 301
Two Wanderers Sergiy Pecherskyy 104


DBA Name Space Website
Nzalamba Artworks Paul/Lungala Nzalamba/Rubadiri 616/618
Terry Steinke Terry Steinke 819


DBA Name Space Website
Andy Byrne Andy Byrne 600/602
Damien Jones Art Damien Jones 200/202
Glashoff Sculpture Ranch Phillip/Chad Glashoff 128/130
Jeff Owen Artworks Jeff Owen 416/418
Nobe Fine Art Nobe Babayan 300
Sculpture By Marv Marv Poulson 701/703
Sten Hoiland Wire Sculpture Sten Hoiland 808
Wood Sculpture Glen Sievert 707


DBA Name Space Website
Dancing Wings Aka Songbird Ocarinas Darren/Durian Steinberg/Songbird 100
Learn And Play Arlyne/Richard Julao 410
The Woodsman Doug Gold 504


DBA Name Space Website
Ardeth Sealy Ardeth Sealy 217 .
Elvio Design Lanchi Vo 801
Hardwood Creations David/Teresa Levy 111/113
Ladybug Design Anna Pavlova 417
Michael Frazier Designs Michael/Tess Frazier 133/135
Moonlight Shenanigans The Spoonmaker David Rully 830
Pens By Bryce Bryce Prusse 137
Spring Garden Cedar Steven Andersen 902/904
Vaughan Furniture Nathan Vaughan 208/210
Wood Turning Obsession Jeff Davison 617/619