Tahoe City Fine Arts & Crafts Festival, August 25-27

Date & Time of Show:

August 25, 26 & 27, 2017
10am to 5pm

Address of show:

Boatworks Mall/760 N. Lake Boulevard, Tahoe City

Tahoe City logo2014Set on the North Shore of Lake Tahoe, the 9th annual Tahoe City Fine Arts and Crafts Festival will give visitors a special opportunity to meet with more than 45 artisans and craftspeople showcasing a wide variety of arts and crafts including photography, oil paintings, ceramic vessels, jewelry and much more. Providing a unique venue for patrons to view original handmade creations while enjoying the outdoors, the second of these two free events takes place Fri-Sun, August 25-27 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day. Boatworks Mall in Tahoe City plays host to these back -to-back events which spread across the open grassy area overlooking stunning Lake Tahoe between the Boatworks Mall and the Tahoe City Marina at 760 N. Lake Boulevard right off Highway 28.


DBA Name Space Website
Sue Fox Pottery Sue Fox-Capeloto 05 .

Fiber Decorative

DBA Name Space Website
Romiti Art Lawrence/Judith Romiti 23/24 romitiart.com

Fiber Wearable

DBA Name Space Website
Darius Productions David/Rick Wahler/Stevens 32 dariusproductions.com
Nancy Wilder Silk & Felt Wearable Art Nancy Wilder 10 nancywilder.com
Onthegoclothing.com Pam Lynch 39 onthegoclothing.com


DBA Name Space Website
Josh Fradis Art Glass Josh Fradis 33 joshfradis.com


DBA Name Space Website
Ava Austin Studios Ava Austin 26 avaaustin.com
J. Dubson-Design Odyssey Jerry/Joan Dubson 11 .
Moonshadows Gary Chappell 04 .
Shari Milner Designs Shari Milner 36 pointreyesart.com/artist/Shari%20Milner

Kid’s Accessories

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Button The Mouse Books Larry/Sandy Yocum 37 buttonthemouse.com


DBA Name Space Website
Stone Soup Designs Richard Mccall 27 stonesoupsantas.com

Mixed Media

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7th Mountain Design Jack Durnford 12/13 facebook.com/Jack-Durnford-Mixed-Media-Art-226638744015207/?fref=ts


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Laughing Bear Art Jeffrey Severn 25 laughingbearart.com

Personal Care

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Elka Herbals Erica Kriss 21 elkaherbals.com


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Kiwi Kamera Garry Moore 1/2/3 kiwikamera.com
Summit Side Photo & Video Leah/Sky Emerson 28/29 summitside.com


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Nzalamba Artworks Paul/Lungala Nzalamba/Rubadiri 08/09 nzalamba-artworks.com


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Wood 'N Wire Guise Jim Legette 16 .


DBA Name Space Website
Clark Creations William/ Theresa Clark 31 .


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Shorebreak Designs Lee Hinge 38 shorebreakdesigns.com
Sittin' Easy, Inc Walter/Kim Harper 06/07 sittineasy.com
Swanson's Designs Dave Swanson 14/15 swansonsdesigns.com
Takota Nancy Templeton 22 takotawood.com